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Xiaomi Huohou Colorful Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Opener

by HuoHou
Color: Pink
  • Xiaomi Huohou Colorful Automatic Electric Wine Bottle can open the wine bottle in just 6 seconds, Open up to 70 bottles on a single charge. Made of Stainless steel housing and Food-grade plastic which is safe to use and durable. Modern and stylish designed. Perfect to have it in every household and occassions.

    • Easy to use and Portable
    • Modern and stylish design
    • Food-grade material used
    • Quickly open the wine bottle in just 6 seconds
    • Great Idea as a present to your loved ones
    • Perfect to use for well-prepared dinner date, party, events, conference or even at home.


    • 6 SECONDS TO OPEN THE BOTTLE easily remove corks in 6 seconds without breaking the cork, allowing you to spend more time with the guest and quickly enjoy your favorite wine.
    • LOW NOISE quick operation with low noise 60dB.
    • FAST CHARGING for only 5 minutes and can open up to 70 Bottles. Ideal to bring in any occassions, party and events.
    • POWER DISPLAY FUNCTIONS allows you to intuitively understand the power situation.
    • ONE BUTTON CONTROL make it easier to conveniently to use. 
  • Brand:  Huohou
    Product:  Wine Bottle Opener
    Model:  HUO120
    Material:  Stainless steel + PC Plastic
    Control Mode:  Mechanical
    Charging Time:  2.5 hours USB
    Cork Size:  20-24mm
    Bottle Size: Lower than 31mm
    Whole Lifetime:  Open up to 600 bottles
    Product Weight:  0.500kg
    Product Size:  (L x W x H) 4*19*0 cm
    Package Weight:  Approx 0.500 kg

  • Q:  How does this wine opener work?

    A:  This is very simple to use, just out the electric wine opener at the top of the bottle, It will release the cork in the bottle.

    Q:   Is the body made of stainless steel? Or aluminum alloy or other materials?

    A:  The body is made of plastic but it’s durable.

    Q:  Battery operated or rechargeable?

    A:  It’s rechargeable. use standard USB MIC universal charging interface.

    Q:  What is the size of bottle mouth?

    A:  Outer diameter is <35MM