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Wellskins Micro-current Intelligent Lifting Scraping Massager (BJ808)

  • Wellskins Micro-current Intelligent Lifting Scraping Massager is made to promote absorption of nutrition to the skin. The heating scraping plate has a variety of functions like tighten the face, smooth wrinkles and restore elasticity. Mild microcurrent stimulation and High frequency vibration will introduce the nutrient ingredients of skin care products into the deep skin. A must have for every woman you know.

    • Effectively for facial stretching of the skin
    • Help improve blood circulation and promote metabolism
    • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Improve micro-circulation of facial blood vessels and tighten loose skin
    • Create V-shaped face and remove the double chin, make the skin younger


    • HEATING SCRAPE PLATE helps to tighten the face, for stimulation and restore elasticity.
    • GOLDEN TRIANGLE Massage point relieve muscle tension and can be used in different parts of the body. Easily beat dark and create V-face and firm skin. 
    • MILD MICROCURRENT STIMULATION massage eyes, improve forehead wrinkles, Massage temples, Build V-face, Lymphatic Massage, ascending apple muscle.
    • HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION will introduce the nutrients ingredients of skin care products into deep skin, Promote absorption of skin nutrients.
  • Brand:  Wellskins
    Product:  Micro-current Scraping Massager
    Model:  BJ-808
    Material:  ABS
    Rated Voltage:  5V
    Rated Power:  3W
    Battery Capacity:  600mAh
    Product Weight:  70g.
    Product Size:  211*117*280 mm

    1 x Massager
    1 x Charging Line
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x Product Manual

  • Q:  Can I also use this to other parts of the body as a massager?

    A:  Yes of course, you can also use it to massage your legs, arms, shoulder and so on.

    Q:  How many minutes I can use this?

    A:   After cleansing in the morning and evening,  use it for 5-10 minutes each time. 

    Q:   How long it will take to see the effects?

    A:   Of course, long term use can get the most amazing effects. For at least 30-90 days, you can see the full effect.

    Q:  Does it relieves muscle tension?

    A:  Yes, the golden triangle massage point relieves muscle tension. 

    Q:  Is it battery operated or rechargeable?

    A:  Rechargeable. Use USB charging.

    Q:  What is the benefit of this?

    A:   It can solve skin problems like saggy face, crow’s feet, edema, neckline, dry skin.