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Wellskins Clean Beauty Blackhead Remover Face Deep Cleanser (LY9128)

  • Wellskins Clean Beauty Blackhead Remover Face Deep Cleanser 6 suction heads that helps to easily remove blackheads, whiteheads, oil and dead skin. This beauty tool has 3 Suctions modes, equivalent to 53kPa are available to select  according to your preferences, applicable to all skin types. The skin becomes clearer and smooth after being used.

    • Reduce acne and lighten fine lines
    • Effectively and safely removes blackheads & whiteheads
    • High efficiency of removing oil and dirt
    • Applicable to all Skin types: Dry, Oily skin, Mixed skin
    • Skin become clearer and smoother after being used
    • 6 replacement heads according to preference


    • 6 SUCTION HEADS that you can choose according to your preference, Big Round Head, Oval head, Round Head, Mini Round Head, Small Round Head, Small Round Head, Middle Round Head.
    • 3 SUCTION MODE one button control. DRY- Mild Suction, NEUTRAL- Moderate Suction and OILY- Enhanced Suction.
    • LARGE SCREEN DISPLAY TO monitor the remaining power and to check the mode of use. 
    • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE the design is portable and lightweight. You can use it easily and bring any where you go.


    Step 1: Let your skin ready to vacuum
    -Hot compress: use hot towel or steamer,about 3- 5minutes to totally open the pores.
    -Drop the blackhead export liquid on the face for 3-5minutes to make the blackhead emerge to the skin surface.

    Step 2: Setting an appropriate suction pore and start sucking
    -Setting an appropriate suction head and adjust the mode according to your skin,and move slowly to suck the blackheads.(the blackhead remover shouldn’t be in one spot over 3 seconds)

    Step 3: Enjoy your skin SPA and adjust the suction strength
    -Timely adjust the suction strength according skin condition.
    -Wash face with clean,water after sucking blackheads.
    -Face skin care: use lotion for shrinking pore and then apply a mask.

  • Brand:  Wellskins
    Product:  Black Heads Remover
    Model:  LY-9128
    Material:  ABS + Plastic
    Rated Voltage:  3.7V
    Power Rated:  2.5W
    Suction Strength:  <=53KPA
    Charging Time:  90 minutes
    Power Supply:  Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Working Mode:  3 Intensity Levels
    Product Weight:  0.3kg
    Package Size:  (L*W*H) 19.5*9.5*5cm

  • Q:  How many suctions head and modes?

    A:   It has 6 suctions heads with 3 kinds of suction modes depends on your preference.

    Q:  I have sensitive type of skin, is it safe to use?

    A:   Yes, its applicable to all skin type.

    Q:   What is the charging time? Suction strenght?

    A:   About 90 minutes. 53kPa suction power

    Q:  What is the main function?

    A:  It is a cleansing device, it helps to remove blackheads, facila pores cleaner .

    Q:  Is it battery operated or rechargeable?

    A:  Built-in Rechargeable Lithium battery