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Tech Love® - Intelligent Wireless Electric Hot Compress Eye Massager (137A)

  • Tech Love® - Intelligent Wireless Electric Hot Compress Eye Massager, Air Pressure Eye Massager, Improves quality sleep and Refreshes Eyes, 12000mAh Enjoy Soothing Heat Massage and relieve dry eyes, With its 6 part intelligent air pressure massaging technology, Reduce strain on your eyes and refresh your senses! it can also improves good sleep and making it the perfect companion on your daily routine. 

    • Effectively relieves eye dryness
    • Easy to Use,  4 modes in 1 button
    • Refresh your eyes from Strain
    • Improves quality sleep
    • Fashionable design with comfort 
    • Small and Lighter design


    • 6 PART INTELLIGENT air pressure massaging technology to reduce strain on your eyes. A gentle massage that effectively gives relaxing and comfort feeling.
    • HOT COMPRESS is constant temperature and heat function to promote eye circulation, relieve dry eyes, redness and other phenomena effectively because of its innovative motor and engineered functional design.
    • MUSIC The wireless stress relief massage with music to help you relax and into the dream even more.
    • 180 DEGREES DESIGN allows you for easy Portability, Bring it anywhere you go
    • 4 MODESSlow mode, Sleep Patterns, Dynamic mode, Relax mode
    • PORTABLE & LONG LIFE BATTERY convenient to use while on travel. The design is easy to carry and store. Enjoy the soothing effect to relieve eyes dryness and fatigue.
  •  Brand:  Tech Love
     Product:  Eye Massager
     Model:  137A
     Material:  ABS, TPU, French Velet
     Battery Capacity:  12000mAh
     Charger:  USB Type Charger
     Function:  Wireless remote control
     Product weight:  320g
     Product Size:  19.5*10.5*6.5 cm

  • Q:  Does it have massage or heat only?

    A:  It has 4 modes of massage techniques and heat compress.

    Q:  Is it foldable?

    A:  Yes it is, the design is 180 degrees for easy portability.

    Q:  What is the battery life? Rechargeable?

    A:  12000mAh, Yes its rechargeable using USB type charger.