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Tech Love® Posture and Back Support Corrector Belt (TL031B)

Color: Pink
  • Relieve your back pain and improve your posture by getting this Tech Love® - Posture and Back Support Corrector Belt,  Ideal for working women, housewife or students. Lightweight and Breathable, Specially design for women. Effectively helps to correct posture and relieve back pain.

    • Improves good posture
    • Helps support and develop straight back 
    • Strengthen back and shoulder
    • Relieves soreness and back pain
    • Help prevent nerve damage and tight muscle


    • KEEL SUPPORT is made of flexible materials to comfortably support the back. Relieves back pain from long sitting hours. Helps to correct proper posture and straighten the back.
    • SOFT & BREATHABLE FABRIC  optimized for women with professional knitting technology. Soft and comfortable fabric that you can easily move.
    • AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT DESIGN adopt x-type stable structure, automatically adjust according to different body types, evenly distribute and wear more comfortable.
    • SOOTHES THE TIGHTNESS of the underarms, release the abdomen not affected during exercise. Not tightening armpits.
    • THIN & INVISIBLE you can wear under clothes. Straighten your back and form into good shape.
  • Brand:  TechLove
    Product:  Posture Corrector
    Model:  TL031B
    Materials:  Neoprene
    Sizes:  Small/ Medium /Large
    Function:  Breathable
    Product Weight:  93g.

  • Q:  Can I wear a posture corrector while sleeping?

    A:  No, because it can cause pain instead of being relieve.

    Q:  Does it improve my posture if I will use this?

    A:  Yes, it can help but you also have to do balance exercise.

    Q:  What is the material used in this posture corrector?

    A:  Soft and comfortable fabric.

    Q:  Is it adjustable? What if I have different body type?

    A:  Yes, made with automatic adjustment design according to the body types.

    Q:  Is it important to choose the right size?

    A:  Yes, so you’ll feel more comfortable.

    Q:  Can I wear this posture corrector underclothes?

    A:  Yes, it can be worn below clothing.