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Tech Love® - Smart 3D Electrical Cervical Neck Massager (DH140AF)

  • Tech Love® - Smart 3D Electrical Cervical Neck Massager helps relieve pain neck after long hours of working. The Low frequency-TENS electric pulse technology  can penetrate deep into skin for about 3-5cm. Easy to use and has multiple modes and electromagnetic pulse and warm  temperature. The design will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Wear it any where you want.

    • Effectively relieves neck pain & muscle soreness
    • Gives deep relaxing effect and comfortable massage
    • Improves healthy sleep and blood circulation
    • Hot compress is consistent and penetrated into the neck
    • Wireless and Fashionable design that you can wear any where you go


    • TENS ELECTRIC PULSE  technology that can penetrate the heat deep into the skin 3-5cm. Feel the deep relaxation and electro-magnetic pulse warm temperature.
    • DUAL CONTROL MASSAGE using RF wireless radio frequency technology, it can be operated by remote control or body button.
    • LONG TERM BATTERY LIFE 15 mins for one time use. No need to charge frequently, perfect to bring during vacation, trip, office, conference or even just at home.
    • 3 SECOND QUICK HEAT microchip setting rapid and stable heating with warm moxibustion and hot Compress.  38 °C Low temperature and 42 °C High temperature. The continuous heat is penetrated into the neck.
  • Brand:  TechLove
    Product:  Electric Neck massager
    Model:  DH140AF
    Color:  White
    Material:  Suede, Black mesh, PU, Sponge
    Properties:  Neck Pain Care
    Function:  Wireless remote, Blue-tooth wireless
    Product Weight:  0.75kg/ 1.65 lbs / 26.45 oz

  • Q:  Is this neck massager flexible enough for thick necks?

    A:  Our intelligent neck massager adopts ergonomic design and could accommodate your neck better and provide you a cozy relaxation.

    Q:  Does this neck massager has heat foundation?

    A:  Our intelligent neck massager has heat foudation. You can choose the heat as you need.

    Q:  Can I use this intelligent neck massager while in charge?

    A:  We suggest you can use our intelligent neck massager after fully charged. It could also extend the battery life

    Q:  Can this neck massager operate fully without the remote?

    A:  Sure you can operate our intelligent neck massager without the remote control. You can press the button on the body of the neck massager to select the mode/intensity/heat/time as you need.

    Q:  Do I need to moisten my neck every time before using the massager?

    A:  Not necessarily, but you can slightly moisten your neck before use for better massage.

    Q:  How do you recharge the neck massager? Charging time?

    A:  You can charge this using Typce-C USB cable. Charge it for 3 hours.

    Q:  Does it have long battery life? I need it to bring on my next trip.

    A:  Of course! You can use it until 12 days once fully charged.

    Q:  What benefits I can get to this neck massager?

    A:  It helps relieve soreness of tired neck, improve sleep quality, promotes blood circulation and gives comfortable feeling.