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Tech Love® - Handheld Vibration Scalp Kneading Head Massager (HD103R)

Color: Red
  • The new Smart Handheld Vibration Scalp Kneading Head Massager IPX7 waterproof safe to use during shower. 3 Mode strength is available to reach massage acupoints on the scalp. The size of this head massager is super handy  and can also use as a regular massage to relax tired neck, shoulder, leg and back. 

    • Effectively deep cleans and massage scalp
    • Improves scalp health and relieves head tension
    • Helps relax and stimulate the cerebral cortex
    • Ergonomic design and IPX7 Waterproof level
    • Made of silicone and very comfortable to use
    • Can also use as massager to the whole body


    • LIGHTWEIGHT 175g. not feeling tired after long use.
    • IPX7 WATERPROOF Use it while taking a shower and give your scalp a massage. No worry about electric risks.
    • 3 MASSAGE MODES ACUPOINTS on the scalp, Stimulate the cerebral cortex that gives relaxing feeling and deep scalp massage.
    • FAST CHARGING & LOW NOISE, 360 Magnetic Charging (Charging Base is safer to use) massager, rechargeable and low noise when using.
    • FASHION MIRROR Shape and Bi-Directional rotation. Easy to hold.
    • JAPAN JGMA Standard, Passed the International Certification Awards, Safe and effective.
  • Brand:  Tech Love
    Product:  Head Massager
    Model:  HD103R
    Product Weight:  175g.
    Feature:  Rechargeable
    Usage:  Wet Manual Head Massager

  • Q:  Is it good to use scalp massager?

    A:  Yes, because it can exfoliate, loosen debris and dandruff. It can also increases blood circulation and can help tension and stress.

    Q:  Is this electric? Is it safe to use?

    A:  Yes, it is rechargeable. Safe to use during taking a shower since it is waterproof.

    Q:  How long should I use electric massager?

    A:  Use it for about 10-minutes session.

    Q:  Can I also use this as a regular massager?

    A:  Of course you can! Leg, back, should and neck.

    Q:  What are the benefits of this head massager?

    A:  A lot of benefits because it can clean your scalp thoroughly, stimulate the cerebral cortex, relieve tension and stress

    Q:  Is the head removable or it’s intact?

    A:  Removable heads