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Tech Love® Rechargeable Hot Compress Eye Massager

Color: White
  • Tech Love Rechargeable Hot Compress Eye Massager is made specially to  relieve our eyes from swelling and dryness with the help of constant temperature hot compress, relax around the eye acupoints gives you the feeling of recovering your energy from a long time of work, study or reading. It also promotes good sleep and blood circulation. 

    • Effectively relieves dryness & eye fatigue
    • Deeply massage and relax around eyes
    • Improves sleep quality & Blood circulation
    • Easy to use and operate. One button to start
    • Adjustable head bands for better fitting
    • Foldable design that you can bring anywhere
    • Helps eliminate eye edema, dark circle and dry eyes.


    • ACCURATELY MASSAGE EYE POINTS deeply massage and relax around eye acupoints and temple kneading, air pressure contraction which helps the eye to relieve fatigue, eye edema and dark circle.
    • HOT COMPRESS to relieve dryness and swelling of the eyes. accurate massage for each acupoints can help you recover your energy for a long time of work or study.
    • 4 MASSAGE MODES our electric eye massager is equipped with four preset-massage modes, which can be selected according to personal needs and preferences. 
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN which allows you to put it into bag after use. Bring it any where for quick massage. 
    • ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND the high elastic nylon-band can help you to find the right size and comfortable fitting.
    • Brand:  TechLove
      Product:  Eye massager
      Model:  K301
      Material:  ABS, TPU, French velet
      Battery Capacity:  12000mAh
      Function:  Wireless remote control
      Product Weight:  0.9kg
      Product Size:  204*71*110 mm

    • Q:  Does it help relieve dry eyes?

      A:  Yes, it has a hot compress that helps to relieve dryness and swelling of the eyes.

      Q:  What will I feel once I wear this?

      A:  You can feel the gentle massage on the eye points, I t can relaxed the eye muscle.

      Q:  Is this easy to use, I want to send this as a gift to my elderly.

      A:  Yes, It’s just one button to start. convenient to use in any ages.

      Q:  Is this adjustable?

      A:  It is made of elastic headband for adjustment.

      Q:  Does it create a good sleep?

      A:  Yes because of its five core functions, it improves the blood flow promoting a good sleep.

      Q:  Foldable? Is it lightweight?

      A:  Yes, foldable you can bring it anywhere and it is ergonomically designed.