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Tech Love® Electric Thermal Blanket with Dual Controller (CI039AGJ)

  •  Tech Love®  Electric Thermal Blanket with Dual Controller great way to ease stress by relaxing the body. Hot compress penetrates acupoints and with 4th gear temperature control. Convenient to use if you want to soothe the stiffness of the body, it is made of silky plush fabric with a magnetic clasp design.

    • Effectively relieves neck and shoulder pain
    • Soothe stiffness and release body stress
    • Comfortable to use and keeping your body warm
    • Hot compress gives relaxation and warm massage
    • Helps increase blood circulation &  Improve good sleep


    • 4TH GEAR TEMPERATURE CONTROL timing power outages. Neck and shoulder heating pad.
    • HOT COMPRESS & SEA SALT HOT COMPRESS deeply penetrates into the body, It also easily heats up fast, covering the whole neck and shoulder. Evenly dense heating wire. It also penetrates acupoints.
    • SILKY FABRIC & MAGNETIC CLASP DESIGN this Electric Thermal Blanket is made with silky plush fabric with a magnetic clasp design to cover the body.
    • CURVED METAL STRIP DESIGN fits perfectly with the neck and shoulder. You can adjust the curves according to your body shape. Makes the shawl fit the shoulder better. 
    • MACHINE WASHABLE the fabric is machine washable, Just unplug the controller and toss in the washing machine.
  • Brand:  TechLove
    Product:  Electric Thermal Blanket
    Model:  CI039AGJ
    Material:  Flannel
    Colour:  Grey
    Feature:  Heating
    Power Rated:  85W
    Power Voltage:  220V
    Frequency:  50Hz
    Product Weight:  Approx. 960g.
    Product Size:  Approx.  90*60cm
    Usage:  Personal Health Care

  • Q:  Is this wireless or has to plug to outlet?

    A:  You need to be plugged into an outlet.

    Q:  Does it get really hot? Or just warm?

    A:  It gets warm covering the neck and shoulder.

    Q:  What is the material used for this thermal blanket?

    A:  Made with silky plush fabric. very comfortable and soft.

    Q:  What is the rated power? How many temperature controls?

    A:  85 watts. It has four temperature control.

    Q:  Is it machine washable?

    A:  Yes, this is machine washable. Just make sure to unplug the power cord.