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Oclean® New Smart X Sonic Electric Toothbrush LCD Touch Screen

by Oclean
Color: White
  • Oclean X Sonic Electric Toothbrush Color with LCD Touch Screen powered with 40,000rpm/minute frequency magnetic motor brush and Built-in 6 axis gyroscope to detect brushing motion which generates instant report. 32 Level of adjustable strength that you can choose for whitening experience and superior cleaning.

    • Comfortable to use
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Effectively deep cleans teeth
    • 2 in 1 Charger and holder
    • Improves oral health and healthy gums
    • Customized oral care with 4 brushing modes


    • COLOR TOUCH SCREEN you can monitor brushing quality feed back and  blind zone detection reminder. 
    • HIGH CLEANING EFFICIENCY with 42,000 frequency magnetic brushless motor and high end 3D designed bristles. effective to remove plaque and food residue.
    • 32 INTENSITY LEVELS  4 modes, 20 Preset Plans, and hundreds of customizable plan.
    • BUILT-IN SENSOR for over brushing detection and 8 blind zone detection
    • SUPER CHARGING EXPERIENCE up to 40 days life battery. 2 hours fast charging.
  • Brand:  Oclean
    Product:  Electric Toothbrush
    Model:  Oclean X
    Frequency:  40000rpm/min
    Twisting Force:
    Charge Time:  2 hours
    Input:  5V / 1A
    Standby Time:  Up to 30 days
    Battery Capacity:  800 mAh
    Bristles:  DuPont, Tynex
    Bluetooth:  Bluetooth 4.0 above
    APP:  Support IOS, Android 4.4 above

  • Q:  Does the Electric Toothbrush can damage my teeth?

    A:  No It won’t. Electric toothbrush is better for the teeth and gums. Over brushing too hard will cause damage if continued for long period of time.

    Q:  How often should I change the Brush head?

    A:  Every 12 weeks. Watch for signs of wear and tear on the bristles  to know when it’s time to change.

    Q:  Do Electric Toothbrushes causes gum recession?

    A:  No. It does not cause gum recession.

    Q:  Should I leave my electric toothbrush  on the charger all the time?

    A:  No. Fully charged your toothbrush before using it, This will also helps your battery perform as its best longer.