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Oclean® F1 SMART Sonic Electric Toothbrush with LED Indicator

by Oclean
Color: Light Blue
  • Oclean® F1 SMART Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 36000rpm, 3 Modes of brushing techniques to effectively cleans the teeth, The flexible high density brush heads are Multi-faceted  design to perfectly fit and get in to the gap of the teeth to remove plaque thoroughly in the hard to reach area. The LED indicator let you choose the modes of brushing technique according to your preference. This Smart Sonic Electirc Toothbrush is small yet powerful.

    • Effectively deep cleans the teeth
    • Improve optimum level of cleanliness
    • Promote oral health and healthy gums
    • Compact design and easy to use
    • High density brush head for good cleaning
    • LED indicator display to check mode of brushing


    • 36,000 RPM WITH 3D DESIGNED Small yet powerful and convenient toothbrush designed for better brushing experience.
    • LED INDICATOR DISPLAY a 2 hours charge last for 30 days, The LED light will indicate the different mode of cleaning. When power goes low, the light will turn red.
    • 3 MODES BRUSHING TECHNIQUES choose the right mode according to different type of brushing needs. Standard whitening, Sensitive cleaning and Standard cleaning.
    • MULTI-FACETED DESIGNED Duponts filament bristles to provide more surface area to fit your teeth shape perfectly and get into the gap of the teeth.
    • FLEXIBLE & HIGH DENSITY brush head for a good cleaning. Specially made to deliver an optimum level of cleanliness.
    • WATER PROOF IPX7 LEVEL safe to use while bathing and  automatically shuts off when two minutes is up.  
    • NEVER MISS A SPOT The interval pauses reminding you to change brushing area every 30 seconds. You will never miss cleaning a single spot.
  • Brand:  Oclean
    Product: Electric Toothbrush
    Model:  OcleanF1
    Frequency: 36000rpm
    Battery Capacity:  800mAh
    Noise Level:  <60dB
    Charging Time:  2 Hours
    Charging Method:  Magnetic Contacting Charging
    Motor Type:  Magnetic/ Brushless Motor
    Button Type:  Mechanical
    LED Light:  3 levels of white LED, 1 level of red LED
    Auxillary Functions:  30s Timer, 2 minutes Automatically Stop
    Brush heads:  Anchor-free processing, DuPont Tynex bristles
    Brushing Mode:  Whitening*Cleaning*Sensitive
    Product Size:  243.5*24.4 mm
    Package Size:  192*68*31 mm

  • Q:  Is it loud? I have Oral B and I hate the sound

    A:  It's a powerful toothbrush cleans well but noise was to loud to me and it's loud on any setting you put it on unfortunately

    -Very very quiet, awesome toothbrush

    Q:  What type of battery has this model?

    A:  The type of battery is Li-polymer 800 mAh.

    Q:  Does this have sensitive setting  and is it suitable for bridgework?

    A:  It has 3 speeds and its vibration is the ultrasonic type (think sonicare fast and small oscillations, not oral-B slow and wide ones). The 1st level speed is quite gentle, so I suppose this, combined with a light pressure would be suitable for a bridgework. But to stay on the safe side, I would probably ask your dentist if an ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for dental bridgeworks.

    Q:  Should I leave my electric toothbrush  on the charger all the time?

    A:  No. Fully charged your toothbrush before using it, This will also helps your battery perform as its best longer.