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Tech Love® - New Smart Hand-held EMS Sleep Instrument (DH144AF)

  • Tech Love® New Smart Hand-Held Sleep Instrument EMS Electric Pulse will help you fall asleep as 15 minutes with Mini Massager Electrode patch that you can use to reduce body fatigue and discomfort. The Transcranial CES Microcurrent Stimulation is the main function that help to produce calming and relaxing effect. This Smart Massager is lightweight and Portable. 

    • High efficiency of relaxing effect
    • Helps you relax and ease discomfort 
    • Improves good and healthy sleep
    • Gives warm and relaxing pulse massage
    • Will make you fall asleep quickly as 15 minutes
    • Real-Time Monitoring, Intelligent sensing of human contact


    • TRANSCRANIAL CES MICROCURRENT STIMULATION gently hold the sleep air massager and output CES transcranial microcurrent.
    • MINI MASSAGER ELECTRODE PATCH you can use as a massager to ease body discomfort, fatigue or stress. Easily patch on waist, leg, back, sole and knee joint.
    • SAFE TO USE preset 15 minute timer protection to prevent electricity risks after sleep. Nothing to worry about just in case you fell asleep without turning it off. 
    • INDUCTION HUMAN CONTACT after disconnecting contact after 30 seconds, the instrument  will automatically turn off, making you feel more secure during sleep.
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE  Button cell CR2032. Convenient to use when you go to friend's house to sleep over, it will make you fall asleep easily.
    • ADJUSTABLE DIAL WHEEL to control the intensity according to your personal needs.
  • Brand:  Tech Love
    Product:  Hand-held Sleep Instrument
    Model:  DH144AF
    Material:  ABS, Stainless Steel
    Automatic Timing:  15 minutes
    Pulse Frequency:  1Hz-80Hz
    Power Source:  DC3V ( CR2032 Button Battery)
    Product Weight:  Approx. 26g.
    Product Size:  Approx. 69.5*31.5*29 mm

  • Q:  Can sleep aid device be used by the elderly?

    A:  Yes, It is very good sleep comforter.

    Q:  How does this sleep aid work?

    A:  It has CES Transcranial microcurrents that can enhance alpha waves in the brain. Gently hold the sleep aid massager, through the palm of the hand Lao Gong point to the brain to produce a calming and relaxing effect turns to a good sleep.

    Q:  Is it safe to use when holding it then fall asleep?

    A:  Yes, you can preset 15-minutes timer. The device will automatically shut down when there is no human contact. It makes you feel secure during sleep.

    Q:  Can I also use this as a massager?

    A:  Yes, of course! The pulse massage function is matched with a bonus electrode patch which is applied to the sore and discomfort parts of the body.

    Q:  Does it have control buttons where I can set intensity?

    A:  Yes. There is a switch to adjust the dial wheel. You can enjoy the intensity freely.

    Q:  Is it rechargeable or battery operated?

    A:  Sleep aid massager is battery operated (CR2032)