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Tech Love® Electric Gua-Sha Scraping Body Massager (CI128AW)

Color: White
  • Tech Love® Electric Gua-Sha Scraping Body Massager has a Natural scrape therapy that helps relieve pain muscles & body fatigue. Gua-sha massager can relax the body and releases body fatigue and the natural needle stone vibration is deeply penetrating into the body to achieve relaxation and release body toxin. Electric Gua-Sha Massager repeated scraping promote the inner circulation that make you feel comfortable. 

    • Effectively relieves pain and body fatigue
    • Helps reduces the muscle pain & stiffness
    • Replenish body energy after being used.
    • Gives deep relaxation and promotes blood circulation
    • Wireless and Portable, You can bring everywhere you go
    • Improves good quality sleep and relieves stress


    • NATURAL SCRAPE THERAPY scraping vibration, Make the vacuum suction to skin, make the skin doing aerobic exercise through repeated scraping. Promote the inner circulation that make you feel comfortable.
    • 5 MAIN FUNCTIONS: VARIETY OF FUNCTION Awaken the vitality of body, Shaking cupping, meridian dredge, Intelligent control of temperature, female breast, Pain in shoulder and neck.
    • EMS MICRO ELECTRIC PULSE MICRO CURRENTS keep touching the muscles and replenish body electrical energy. Gua-sha massager can relax the body and releases body fatigue. 
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MASSAGER can be used to shoulder, neck, arms and legs. Strong penetration into body parts.

  • Brand:  TechLove
    Product:  Wireless Electric Scraping Massager
    Model:  CI128AW
    Materials:  ABS+Stone Needle
    Color:  White
    Rated Power:  2W
    Battery Capacity:  3600mAh
    Input:  AC 110-240V
    Rated Voltage:  5V
    Rated Current:  2A
    Product Weight:  0.45kg

    1 x Infrared Scraping Massager
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Insulated Silicone pad
    1 x English Instruction

  • Q:  What does the effect on the body?

    A:  Very effective to eliminates fatigue and improves disappearance of inflammationand decreases swelling and pain.

    Q:   Is it wireless or it has a cord?

    A:  Wireless. Charge it for three hours to get 2 hours battery life.

    Q:  Does it has constant temperature?

    A:  Yes, It is. You can adjust from low, medium and high stalls.