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Oclean X Pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Color Touch Screen

by Oclean
Color: Sakura Pink
  • Get up to 40,000rpm strokes of dynamic powerful cleaning with the Oclean X Pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Adult IPX7 2-in-1 Charger Holder, Color Touch Screen Toothbrush and Fast Charge. OCLEAN X-PRO , Never miss a spot Al-powered brush with a color display, designed to help you brush better. Take your brushing to the next level.

    • High efficiency deep cleaning
    • Improves oral healh and healthy gums
    • High quality and elastic bristles 
    • Save space when not charging
    • Multiple brush heads available
    • Detects brushing motion and generates blind zone reports based on brushing techniques


    • COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: Brushing quality feed back, Direct Blind zone detection reminder.
    • HIGH CLEANING EFFICIENCY: with 42,000rpm frequency magnetic brushless motor and High-end 3D designed bristles.
    • HIGH BRUSHING PERSONALIZATION: 32 intensity levels, 4 Modes, 20 Preset Plans and Hundreds of customizable plans.
    • BUILT-IN SENSOR for over brushing detection and  blind zone detection
    • SUPERIOR CHARGING experience Up to 40 days battery life, 2 hours fast charging and 2-in-1 Charger + holder.
  • Brand:  Oclean
    Product:  Electric Toothbrush 
    Model:  Xpro Sonic 
    Brushless Motor:  42,000rpm, up to
    Charging Time: 2 Hours Full charge
    Power Rated: 5V / 1A
    Battery Life: 40D on Level-1 ; 20D on Level-32
    Battery Capacity: 800mAh
    Features: Colored Touch Screen
    Waterproof Level: ToothBrush: IPX7 Charger: IPX5
    Product Weight: 99g. (handle+ brush head)

  • Q:  What is the cleaning power?

    A:  The Oclean XPRO sonic electric toothbrush features the industry’s fastest ultrasonic motor that allows people to select the intensity that’s right for them - all the way up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute! Removed up to 100% plaque and stain compare with a regular manual toothbrush.

    Q:  Is it loud?

    A:  No. it has a low noise.

    Q:  What is the battery capacity and how long it will last?

    A:  800mAh. it can last up to 40 days in a single charge.

    Q:  Is it heavy?

    A:  No. the weight is 99g. including handle and brush head.

    Q:  What is the brushing mode?

    A:  Clean white massage sensitive.