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Deerma-ZQ610 Multi-function Steam Cleaner with 5 Brush Heads

by Deerma
  • Deerma-ZQ610 Multi-function Steam Cleaner with 5 Large Cleaning Brush Heads will help you to deep cleans the whole area of home, It has a Strong Steam to dissolve deep dirt and remove it easy. The 99.99% sterilization can remove stains and odor at the same time, 150° C High temparature. The lightweight structure will make you feel comfortable using it all over the part of the house.

    • Effectively removes dirt and Stain
    • Easy to use and operate
    • 99% Sterilization of germs and bacteria
    • Strong steam that can easily dissolve dirt
    • Ergononic design. Can assemble according to cleaning modes
    • 5 Brush Heads for multi-purpose cleaning


    • 5 LARGE CLEANING BRUSH HEADS that you can use according to cleaning needs. Effectively cleans in every areas of home. Easy to remove dirts and stains. Brush Cleaning machine, Steam glass scraper, 
    • 99% STERILIZATION to remove odor and eliminate germs. The heat 
    • 230ML DETACHABLE WATER TANK easy to disassemble and add water. For long-time cleaning use. Convenient in every household.
    • 3 SECTION CONNECTING TUBE & LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE can be long or short, adapt to cleaning range. 270° grip effortlessly. 
    • SAFETY SNAP ASSEMBLY easily replace cleaning accessories in just once click. 5 Security Lines for saftey use. Deep cleansing from outside to the inside.
  • Brand:  Deerma
    Product:  Multi-function Steam Cleaner
    Model:  ZQ610
    Material:  ABS + PC
    Rated Voltage:  220V-50Hz
    Rated Power:  1600W
    Heating Time:  11 minutes
    Package Weight:  2.9kg
    Product Size:  38.9*8.5*18.0cm / 15.31*3.34*7.08 inches

    1 x Main Machine
    1 x Brush Scouring Mop
    1 x Corrugated Pipe
    1 x Brush Head Connector
    1 x Glass Scraper
    1 x Clothing Cleaning Head
    1 x Mop head
    3 x Mop Connecting Tubes
    1 x Mop
    1 x Aromatherapy Bag
    1 x Storage Bag 

  • Q:  What is the charging time?

    A:  There is no charging time. You have to use the cord.

    Q:  Can I clean carpets with it or do I need special head?

    A:  Yes, it could clean carpets.

    Q:  What i sthe length of cord?

    A:  4 meters.

    Q:  How many Brush heads available?

    A:  5 standard brush for different cleaning needs.