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Deerma-MQ811 Rechargeable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

by Deerma
  • Deerma Rechargeable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover is a handheld electrical device that has a rotating blade underneath a blade net. The MICRO-ARC HONEYCOMB is isolated the blade to allow users to remove fuzz and pills. This Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover can totally solve the clothing problem, You can use it for about 45 minutes after being charged and finishing the job quickly.

    • Solve clothing care problem
    • Suitable for home and global use
    • Easy to use. Wireless and handheld
    • Covering large is to finish the job quickly
    • Multi-purpose for all types of fabric, including sweater, jerseys, blankets, bedsheets, couch, upholstery, and a lot more 


    • MICRO-ARC HONEYCOMB COVER stainless surface adopted Miro-arc Honeycomb, isolated the blade to avoid scratching the clothes. The wide blade surface covers a larger area, finishing the job quickly with less effort.
    • RECHARGEABLE & PLUGGED IN TO USE- Every 2 hours provides a 45mins wireless efficient shaving. Also, you could use & charge at the same time equal a non-stop sweater shaver for clothes. USB charging design makes it can be charged anywhere. Red Light is Charging; Green Light is full charged.
    • HIDDEN STICKY HAIRS TUBE comes with 1+4 lint rollers, hide the sticky hairs tube at the handle to maximize space utilization. Compact and lightweight design, suitable for home and global travel to use.
    • MAKE YOUR CLOTHING NEW remove the fuzzball and sticky hairs, two in one innovative design, solve the clothing care problem. The fabric shaver will remove the furball, then clean the dust to avoid the adhesion and friction of fluff, dust to produce more hairballs. Say goodbye to clothing pilling or sticky hairs.
    • SAFE & WIDE TO USE the safety insurance switch will stop the power when the blade cover is open or loosen to protect you or your children from hurting. Multipurpose for all types of fabric, including sweaters, jerseys, blankets, bedsheets, upholstery, couch, and much more.
  • Brand:  Deerma
    Product:  Fabric Shaver
    Model:  MQ-811
    Material:  ABS+PC+Stainless Steel
    Rated Voltage:  3.7V
    Rated Power:  3W
    Charging Voltage:  5.0V
    Charging Current:  <=350mA
    Noise:  <75dB
    Size:  192*70*75mm

    1 x Host
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Sticky Paper Tube
    1 x Small brush

  • Q:  How do you use this Fabric shaver?

    A:  Using this is quick and easy, just lay your sweater or any fabric in a flat surface, turn on the shaver and run it over the sweater or clothes.

    Q:  Can I also use this on a couch?

    A:  Yes, of course! This is also effective not only for clothes but on the sofa, bed sheets, blankets too.

    Q:  Is it safe to use?

    A:  Yes, it has a safety insurance switch that will stop the power when the blade cover is open or loosen to protect you or your children from hurting.

    Q:  How long is the charging time and how long it takes?

    A:  Charge it for 2 hours, working time is 45 minutes.

    Q:  Is it handy? Like I will not be feeling tired after using it?

    A:  Yes. It’s ergonomic design, You can also bring this on travel.