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Deerma-DH060B Handheld Portable Folding Water Kettle

by Deerma
  • Deerma Handheld Portable Folding Water Kettle 600ML is made up of Stainless steel and Food-grade Silicone material which is safe to use, Boils water quickly in just 7 minutes with an adjustable temperature band of 40-60 ° insulation. The retractable and folding design is just perfect for a business trip, camping, vacation, and a lot more.  

    • Boils water quickly in just 7 minutes
    • Useful and convenient
    • Helps save time when in a hurry
    • Easy to operate and restore
    • Perfect for the travel enthusiast
    • Capable of heating up water, noodles coffee, tea, and cereals


    • STAINLESS STEEL & SILICONE MATERIAL A food-grade material used that is much healthier and safe. 
    • RETRACTABLE & FOLDING BODY Convenient to hold and saves space, you can bring it any time because of its foldable design.
    • SMART DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN allows you to see a real-time display of water temperature. You can be switched if boiling water or nitrogen removal in just one touch.
    • 600ML WATER CAPACITY you can make up three cups of tea and share it with friends.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE perfect to bring while on camping, vacation, trips. Super handy and easy to use.
  • Brand:  Deerma
    Product:  Electric Portable Folding Kettle
    Model:  DB060B
    Material:  304 Stainless Steel, ABS, PP, Silica Gel
    Power Rated:  140W
    Power Voltage:  220V / 50Hz
    Capacity:  0.6L
    Temperature Resistant:  10-210
    Product Weight:  0.82kg 
    Package  Size:  18*18*19.40 cm / 7.09*7.09*7.64 inches

    1 x Main machine
    1 x Handle
    1 x Power Cord
    1 x Manual
    1 x Certificate


    Please don't fill in too much water, because the water will splash after boiling. The highest water level is measured at the cup body. If the cup body is too full, boiling water may spray.

    Do not let the product dry. If the product is too hot due to a lack of water, the temperature control device will automatically stop heating protection. To ensure safety, please unplug the product and wait for the product to cool down before continuing to use it.

    This product is not suitable for places where corrosive gas, powder, conductive dust, steam, or flammable gas exists. The product is only suitable for household use.

    Please unplug the plug before cleaning or when not in use.

     It is normal if there is a peculiar smell at the first use, after two or three useThe odor is gradually eliminated.

    Do not immerse the base in water or other liquids, this product cannot be immersed in water for cleaning.

  • Q:  Is it safe to use just in case I need to heat water to prepare milk for my baby?

    A:  Yes it safe because the material is Food Grade Silicon.        

    Q:  How long it takes the boiling time?

    A:  You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in just 7 minutes

    Q:  Does the handle to fold down?

    A:  It is retractable and comfortable to hold. You can remove the handle easily to save some space

    Q:  Is it rechargeable or need power?

    A:  It’s not rechargeable. It has a power cord.

    Q:  What is the capacity?

    A:  You can add water up to 600ML large capacity