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Deerma-CM2200 2-in-1 Household Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and Mites Remover 7000Pa Strong Suction

by Deerma
  • Deerma CM2000 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with 6 layered mite-killing functions and Powerful Suction of 7000kPa, Including 55° C-Constant Temperature and Electric Soft Roll Brush with High-frequency Vibration UV Light Mite-cleaning which enable deeply clean out dust, hair, mites, and dander in the fabric. Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with 45 minutes working time.

    • Deeply clean bedding and clothing
    • Durable filter and easy to clean
    • Effectively removes 99.99% Mites
    • Saves time and effort on cleaning
    • 2 Cleaning Modes available to select
    • The LED lamp helps clean the most appropriate areas


    • CONSTANT TEMPERATURE 55°-C temperature drys the moisture quilts and kills the mites with UV light.
    • 2500rpm/min soft roller brush not easily damages the fabric.
    • DUAL VIBRATION PANEL enables to release of double vibration power to fast purify the dust and mites.
    • 6500rpm/min motor creates 7000kPa suction cleans out dust, hair, mites, and dander.
    • HEPA FILTRATION NET and tower-type whirlwind dual filtration. Helps filter the air and eliminates air pollution.
    • MAXIMUM 45 MINUTES working time after fully charged. You can use it at any part of the house with no tangling wires.
    • Brand:  Deerma
      Product:  Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
      Model:  CM2000
      Rated Voltage:  21.6V
      Rated Power:  180W
      Dust Capacity:  0.4L
      Charging Time:  2.5 Hours
      Battery:  2500mAh
      Item Size:  43*28*16.3cm
      Charger: Input:  100-240 AC 50/60Hz, Output: 24V/1A
      Working Time:  45min(Standard Gear) 25min(Strong Gear)
      Package Weight:  Approx.  3.3kg/116.40oz
      Package Size:  Approx. 46.5*31.5*19.7cm/ 18.31*12.40*7.76 inches

    • A:  It is effective to remove mites?

      Q:  This vacuum cleaner has 6 layer mites cleaning system that purifies bed clothing that effectively kills the bacteria and mites.

      A:  How long it lasts when fully charged? Cordless?

      Q:  You can use it for up to 45 minutes of cleaning. The battery has a 2500mAh capacity. Yes, it is cordless so you can use it anywhere.

      Q:  How strong is the suction? Can I also use this in large debris?

      A:  It is very powerful with 7000pa. No, you can only use this for dust, hair, and mites.

      Q:  Does it have a Hepa filter?

      A:  Yes.  Washable and durable filter.