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Deerma-DX700 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 15000Pa Suction

by Deerma
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  • Deerma DX700 2-in-1 Vertical Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner, A 15000Pa Strong Suction, Made with strong ABS material is designed for cleaning your house more efficiently.

    It is a Vacuum Cleaner that can be used as hand-held or vertical, Standard functional brushes that you can also use to easily remove hidden dust. Save time and effort by using this 2-in-1 vacuum Cleaner.

    You can be use it in any parts of the house to make your kitchen, bedroom, living room, floor, carpet, windows, and bed mattress clean.

    ☆ Convenient for daily use
    ☆ Easily removes the hidden dust
    ☆ Effectively cleans large floor area
    ☆ 2-in-1 specially designed handheld and vertical
    ☆ Strong suction and strong absorption of deep particles

    HANDHELD & VERTICAL USE 2-in-1 design to help you select cleaning mode according to your needs. Easy to lift up because of its ergonomic design. Two-way Handle, Multi-Angle use. Up, down, left, and right.

    STRONG SUCTION 15000Pa to meet the needs of a super-large cleaning area. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for daily use. Made with strong ABS material.

    LOW NOISE & LARGE DUST BIN a low noise vacuum cleaner and has a transparent and easy to separate dust bucket large dust bin.

    STANDARD FUNCTIONAL BRUSHES that can be used for deep cleaning. Can easily remove hidden dust. A wide cleaning range.

    SIDE ROTATION FILTER VACUUM CLEANER makes it easy to use and comfortable. 180° Floor brush is easy to assemble.

  • Brand: Deerma
    Product: 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
    Model: DX700
    Material: ABS
    Power Voltage: 120V
    Power Rated: 600W
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Suction: 15000Pa
    Noise: 80dB
    Power Cord: 4.5m
    Package Weight: 2.999kg
    Package Size: (L x W x H): 66.00*66.00*22.50 cm / 25.98*6.3*8.86 inches

    1 x Main Engine,
    1 x Long Flat Suction

  • Q: How long does it take to fully charge? And how long it can be used?
    A: It’s not cordless. It’s with cord, needs to be plugged while in use.
    Q: Is it good for carpets?
    A: Yes, it works great on the carpet.
    Q: What is the suction power of this vacuum?
    A: It’s 15000pa, enough to clean all corners of the house.
    Q: What are the cleaning modes for this?
    A: You can use vertical cleaning or easy handheld modes
    Q: Does it have a Hepa filter?
    A: Yes, there is a 3 heavy Hepa filter for purification.
    Q: Is it easy to assemble?
    A: Yes, you just have to follow the 3 steps on how to install.
    Q: Can I use it also for wet floors?
    A: No, applicable for dry only.