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Deerma-CM800 Handheld Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaning Remover with Strong Suction Power and UV sterilization functions

by Deerma
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  • Have you wondered crawling stings on your skin when sitting on furniture, sleeping in bed, or even in your clothes but you don't know why? Try using this Deerma CM800 Mite Removing Vaccum Cleaner. With 4 layers of anti-bacteria functions including UV-sterilization light, high frequency vibrating movement, strong suction power, and dual-layer filtering system, this will help to kill 99.99% of mites that you never see in your eyes and let you feel clean and refreshed again sitting on a sofa watching TV or sleeping with peace of mind.

    • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    • Effectively kills maximum 99.99% Mites
    • Lightweight and easy to operate
    • Strong suction and easily filter all the dust and mites
    • Saves time and effort. Convenient for daily use
    • UV-Light & 50°C STERILIZATION - Make bed, sofa, and clothing clean


    • 4 POWERFUL LAYERS TO OPTIMIZE MITES REMOVAL - UV-light, High temperature, and vibration.
    • STRONG SUCTION - 450W pure copper DC motor, 13000Pa powerful suction, 8000 Time/Min high vibration PROFESSIONAL.
    • UV-STERILIZATION - Maximum killing 99.9% of mites.
    • DUAL-LAYER HEPA FILTER - Easily filter out all the dust and mites.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Comfortable design handle for easy use.
  • Brand:  Deerma
    Product:  Vacuum Cleaner
    Model:  CM800
    Color:  White
    Material:  ABS
    Rated Voltage:  120V/50Hz
    Rated Power:  450W
    Noise(dB):  ≤75dB
    Maximum Vacuum:  ≥13kPa
    Product weight:  Approx. 1.45kg/51.15oz/3.20lb
    Product size:  Approx. 35.5*23*16.5cm/13.98*9.06*6.50in
    Package Weight:  Approx. 2.0kg/70.55oz/4.41lb
    Package size:  Approx. 39.1*27.1*22cm/15.39*10.67*8.66 inches

  • Q:  Can this be used on the tiled floor too?

    A:  It can but this is not the purpose of this machine. It cannot be used as a vacuum cleaner. It has a very small filter and canister for the little dust coming out from a mattress only and not particles from the floor or tiles.

    Q:  Will it remove bed bugs?

    A:  The powerful 450W motor has enough power to remove bed bugs    

    Q:  Can this remove pet hairs on the sofa or bed?

    A:  Sorry no.  It’s only for dust mites

    Q:  How long it will last once fully charge?

    A:  It works 5 hours after being charged.

    Q:  Does it have a filter?

    A:  Yes it has.

    Q:  Where does the dirt go? Is there a vacuum bag we need to change? Or just a container to clean?

    A:  It only has a container that needs to clean up.