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Our Story

Busy Family

Smart Home and Wellness for Young Families and Working Professionals

At Smart Carrie, we would like to help busy working families to take care of their home  of their daily health and wellness with simple and smart solutions to improve home with a touch of elegance.

The idea began one exhausting night in 2019 when Mimi, our co-founder, arrived at her hotel after a 16-hour trip overseas for business. Needing some relief, she asked the reception for some suggestions for spa treatment or food. Their answers were either room service or order takeout. A hotel massage sounded great to treat her stiff neck and sore back, but even at $200 an hour, it won't be available until the following day's 9am.

When Mimi got home, she started looking into her career aspiration and health. She understands she's not alone. The challenges of working parents and families, who often feel drained by the demands of family, house-keeping children, and work while putting their own needs last were real.

Smart Carrie was born with like-minded people who are passionate about bringing busy working families with effective and affordable solutions from the home appliances and tech wellness space.

Our Mission  

Enrich people's quality of life through innovative health and home products

Our Values   

Integrity, Innovative, Inclusive